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The I.R.A.

Cover of Tim Pat Coogan's 'The I.R.A.'

This updated edition of the best-selling history of the IRA now includes behind-the-scenes information on the recent advances made in the peace process. With clarity and objectivity, Coogan examines the IRA's origins, its foreign links, bombing campaigns, hunger strikes and sectarian violence and its role in the latest attempts to bring peace to Northern Ireland. Meticulously researched and featuring interviews with past and present members of the organization, this is a compelling account of modern Irish history.

Irish/British edition (cover illustrated) published by Harper Collins

US edition published by Palgrave Macmillan


"No student of Irish history can afford to ignore this book. No scholar is likely to improve on it... A fascinating book, of the greatest possible value to us all..." - Times Literary Supplement

"The standard reference work on the subject..." - The New York Times

"A very sensible and fair-minded assessment of a uniquely controversial organization" - The Times

"Remarkably comprehensive" - Economist