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Never a Dull Moment

It’s been heartening to see the amount of support I have received following the breaking of the news that my planned American Book tour to publicise my recently published book ‘The Famine Plot, England’s role in Ireland’s Greatest Tragedy’ had to be cancelled  because I was refused a Visa.

To judge from the incandescent reaction on the Irish Central website the Visa story has become the current hot button issue amongst Irish – Americans and the case has been taken up by the second most powerful member of the U.S. Senate, Senator Schumer. Nothing remotely resembling the controversy has been seen in the U.S. since the great debate over the Gerry Adam’s Visa issue.  I’ve been travelling around the U.S. for over fifty years at every level of society, attending the Whitehouse  on a couple of occasions, once to interview President Reagan and was welcomed a the U.S. Supreme court at a luncheon given there in my honour.  At the moment no-one can explain the reason for the Visa refusal.

Suggestions have been as bizarre as the occurrence itself, one high ranking American diplomat, opined that ‘Mr Coogan may have the same name as someone on the wanted list’. This raises the possibility that there is a haroun El Racid Tim Pat Coogan running around Tehran or somewhere. Another theory is that the increasingly heavy handed securicrats in U.S. immigration segment of the Dublin U.S. Embassy were doing a favour for some of their British counterparts who don’t want to see my research reaching the American public.

For myself I can’t add anything to any theory but I think I’d better stop watching ‘Homeland’, just to be on the safe side!

However the book itself has been extremely well received and I have been invited to join two of Ireland’s leading artists, Robert Ballagh and Brian Friel as patrons of the forthcoming major Famine Tribunal being staged at Fordham University next April.

Below are some recent articles on my new book and the Visa debacle.—americas-greatest-friend-in-ireland-insulted-by-the-us-embassy-180684371.html–180497001.html