Computer Injustice!

I find that I have been committing a grave injusice on my correspondents—I have been muttering to myself about their lack of response to the myriad of e-mails to which I have painstakingly responded!

Alas, my computer genius friend, who guides my hand in all matters Blog and web site, has discovered that none, or at least very few of the responses ever reached their intended target.

Seemingly, for some reason of computer black magic they disappeared into a sort of electronic Black Hole. I am currently trying to go back for a period of several months and make answer to to all those to whom I have offered unintentional discourtesy.

So do not merely watch this space. Hopefully also, over the next few weeks your in-boxes will also be worth reading! Again my apologies and if anyone still has the stomach to try e-mailing me again—this time they’ll get an answer.


Tim Pat Coogan.