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Tim Pat Coogan introduces ‘Troubled History’ – Nov. 7th

Troubled History – a 10th anniversary critique of Peter Hart’s The IRA and its Enemies by Niall Meehan and Brian Murphy OSB, introduction by Ruan O’Donnell (Head of History Dept, Limerick University)

Launch: Friday 7 November 2008, 8pm (sharp)
at the Teachers’ Club, Parnell Square, Dublin 1

Introduced by Tim Pat Coogan
organised by the Aubane Historical Society

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Coogan Tells All reviews Tim Pat Coogan’s new memoir…

“Coogan quite simply is the world’s leading authority on the IRA, and his book is a fascinating insight into how the peace process came about… The book reveals for the first time that it was Coogan who was chosen by peace process priest Father Alec Reid to make the initial contact with the Irish government on behalf of Sinn Fein.”

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“Writing himself into Irish history”

Conor Brady, for today’s Irish Times, reviews Tim Pat Coogan’s memoir…

“Editor of the Irish Press for almost two decades, author of a dozen books on Irish history and culture, Tim Pat Coogan’s many-stranded memoir is an instructive prism through which to view some aspects of the evolution of post-independence Ireland… It bespeaks love of country and love of life and it is punctuated with the sharp, dry humour that characterises the man.”

“So much to argue with in Tim Pat’s glorious memoir”

Read Mary Kenny’s review for the Irish Independent…

“The whole ensemble is a rich and glorious pot-pourri of Irish life and experiences over the 20th century, with which you can identify, empathise, and argue in equal measure…”