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Tim Pat Coogan

Tim Pat Coogan is Ireland's best known historical writer. His books include the pioneering study Ireland Since The Rising and best-selling biographies of Michael Collins and Eamon De Valera.

Get Tim Pat's perspective on Irish history and politics by checking out his Blog and archived articles and interviews.

'The IRA'  by Tim Pat Coogan 'On The Blanket - The Inside Story of the IRA prisoners 'dirty' protest' by Tim Pat Coogan 'Michael Collins: a biography' by Tim Pat Coogan 'De Valera: Long Fellow, Long Shadow' by Tim Pat Coogan 'The Troubles: Ireland's Ordeal 1966-1996 and the Search for Peace' by Tim Pat Coogan 'The Irish Civil War' by Tim Pat Coogan and George Morrison 'Wherever Green Is Worn: The Story of the Irish Diaspora' by Tim Pat Coogan '1916: The Easter Rising'  by Tim Pat Coogan 'Ireland in the 20th Century'  by Tim Pat Coogan


Tim Pat Coogan's The Famine Plot, published November 2012

Famine Plot cover

"A broad, magisterial history of a tragedy that shook the nineteenth century and still impacts the worldwide Irish diaspora of nearly 80 million people today."

'The Famine Plot: England's Role in Ireland's Greatest Tragedy' is published by Pallgrave Macmillan

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